The Juice Feasting Dialogues: Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes (Jan 2010)

Welcome to another great installment of the Juice Feasting Dialogues Series!

This interview was held by Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes with Katrina and I in January of 2010, when our first daughter Sophia was just 6 months old.

We Juice Feasted in preparation for conception of Sophia. I Juice Feasted for 70+ Days and Katrina for 89 Days during the 2008 Global Juice Feast.

Four months later, we conceived, and 9.5 months later we had a beautiful home birth of our daughter.

In this Dialogue, we talk about:

  • Juice Feasting to prepare for conception
  • The constant-consciousness involved in parenting
  • Juice Feasting Q&A
  • Juice Feasting on the go
  • Is Master Cleanser still a good thing?
  • What is the current Juice Feast Closing Protocol?
  • How much does it cost to Juice Feast each Day in the U.S.? Is it that much more than what I spend on eating?
  • How do you Juice Feast on the road and while traveling?
  • What do you feel about Juice Feasting on non-organic produce?
  • Are nut mylks okay on a Juice Feast? What is the effect?
  • Can you Juice Feast while breastfeeding?
  • Freedom and Fullness on a Juice Feast
  • Is there a way around colon cleansing during a Juice Feast?
  • Getting unstuck in your body and your life with Juice Feasting
  • The importance of feeling successful on your first Juice Feast, no matter what the length.
  • Protecting the integrity of Life Practices

David also talks about coaching Juice Feasts with the physical healing as backdrop or context for talking about what your health is in service to in your life.

Enjoy this interview, and if you have not registered for anything on Juice Feasting, here are your links:

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