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About the Life Practice:
Detailed Juice Feasting Q&A 

With David and Katrina Rainoshek.

If you have questions about the specifics of the practice of Juice Feasting, please consult the materials in the Juice Feasting Preparation Course, especially the Juice Feasting Q & A which is a collection of answers to the questions about Juice Feasting that we have encountered most frequently over the last decade! This is an invaluable resource which includes a wealth of detailed information and is available for free to the public through the Juice Feasting Preparation Course.

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The Green Room Member Forums

If you have purchased a membership to the 92-Day Juice Feasting Nutrition Program, you also have access to The Green Room and the invaluable community of experienced Juice Feasters who hang out there!

This is the BEST PLACE for answers and discussion about nutrition with a knowledgeable community, including David and Katrina Rainoshek.

If you are a member and have registered and been approved for The Green Room, click here to log in!


Using the Site:
Frequently Asked Questions

Before you submit a support ticket for technical support, PLEASE read this first. There’s a great chance your question is already answered – and you will get the help you need much faster.

This is a great section on how to use the site!

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If you didn’t find the answer to your question, you can contact our Juice Feasting Support Team. Simply open a ticket and we’ll respond within 1 business day.

Because we are parents (!) and we receive many emails each day at Juice Feasting, do consult the links above first. We have done our best to address the most potent, common, and important questions there.

If you need technical support, our Team hours are from 9 am – 5 pm PST Monday through Friday, and you can reach us here:

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