Courtney Pool

Welcome! I’m Courtney Pool, and I coach plant-based nutrition, holistic health, juice cleansing, and healing compulsive eating. Radical Radiance is a phrase I chose to bring imagery to the way I view health and life. I believe our experience of being alive, and our health, should be not only radiant on all levels, but radically so.

Eight years ago, I found myself in a complete crisis of body, mind, and spirit. I had intense chronic fatigue syndrome, and a nasty virus which would snatch me every couple of weeks leave me, for days on end, unable to walk or be awake for more than an hour. I was so mentally foggy I couldn’t focus on anything. I was diagnosed with depression, and my lifetime of compulsive eating had come to a head and my weight varied by 62 lbs within 2 years. In the worst of all this happening at once, a part of me said suddenly, “This isn’t you; this isn’t who you are.” Right then, I started searching for something – anything – that would help me in any way. I didn’t know what I was looking for, or if there was in fact any hope, I just knew that there was nothing left to do but search for a way out of my misery.

Courtney-full-1I threw myself into the worlds of natural health, plant-based nutrition, meditation, and personal growth. Within a year of making changes through diet and lifestyle, my health issues – chronic fatigue, the debilitating mental fog, the symptoms of the virus, vanished. The symptoms of my depression slowly but steadily went away, too. I recovered from the worst of my disordered eating patterns, and subsequently began the healing of my compulsive eating that had tortured me my entire life. I now have bounding energy, sharp mental clarity, I wake up looking forward to the day, and my body has stabilized at a healthy and natural weight for me that I maintain with very little effort; never bingeing, starving, or obsessing my way to thinness. My skin is clear, my hair is healthy, and I sleep fantastically.

I have now been eating a plant-based diet and living a holistic health lifestyle for nearly 8 years, and I have Juice Feasted and fasted for over 198 days, including a consecutive 60 day Juice Feast. For over 5 years, I worked as a supervisor at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, founded by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. At the Tree of Life, I taught nutrition and cleansing classes as well as lead guest support sessions for all guests, including fasting participants, and held various administrative roles. I am a certified Juice Feasting coach with David Rainoshek, MA, founder of Juice Feasting. I spoke at the grand opening of 105degrees, a raw food chef academy in Oklahoma City, and have spoken at the New Life Expo in NYC, as well as numerous other speaking engagements. I have written articles for Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Life, for VeganMainstream, for Gena Hamshaw’s ChoosingRaw, and for Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

I now regard my path as immensely blessed, as I have found extraordinary health and have truly become alive to my life, and have discovered that my passion is to share with YOU how to achieve vibrant health, freedom from compulsive eating, and Radical Radiance in all the ways we humans can be and experience radiance! This stuff is far too incredible to keep to myself.

So, with that, please connect with me here by signing up for my newsletter, following me on facebook and twitter, and learning about my coaching services.


Radical Radiance,

Courtney Pool

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