Days 61 – 70

Day 61: Candidiasis

Symptoms of Candida, Rainbow Greens Live Food Cuisine Food Phases Chart, Candida Protocol, The Body Ecology Diet

Day 62: Arthritis and Joint Health

Juice Feasting and Arthritis Elimination, MSM for Pain, Fibromyalgia, COX-2 Drugs

Day 63: Nanobacteria

Nanobacteria: Human Degeneration and Human Longevity

Day 64: Health Centers, Practitioners, and Retreats

Worldwide Resources

Day 65: Raw/Living Foods

Dr. Paul Kouchakoff on Leukocytosis and Processed/Cooked Food

Day 66: Wheatgrass: Seaponic Style

40 Points on Wheatgrass, Growing Wheatgrass With Seawater by Don Jansen, The Healthy Juicer

Day 67: Osteoporisis – Vitamin D – Dairy

The Perils of Conventional Dairy Products; Comparison of Cow and Human Milk; Osteoporosis Rates; Vitamin D Levels; Mike Adams on What You are Not Being Told About Sunlight, Vitamin D, and Cancer Rates

Day 68: Soda

Facts About Soda, Diet Soda and Weight Gain; Soda as a Pesticide; Health Effects on Our Children; Why Soda Pop Drains You Dry

Day 69: Life Practices

Morning Water, Skin Brushing, Hot/Cool Showers, Exercise, Goal Writing, Reading, Sunbathing, Cleansing and More!!

Day 70: Superfood: Berries

Goji Berries, Blueberries, Phytonutrients, Free Radical Damage, Vitamins and Minerals

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