The Juice Feasting Preparation Course!

Welcome to the Juice Feasting Preparation Course!

Since we loaded the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program online in 2004, hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from this Preparation Course for Juice Feasts of 1 Day up to an incredible 92 Days!

This is the only place where you can get the Complete Introduction to Juice Feasting from the Creators. Juice Feasting is a Life Practice whose time has come, and ever since starting its development a decade ago, we have felt that due to the immense need for this technology, the instructions for how to Juice Feast should be made freely available and accessible to everyone, for all time.

Juice Feasting: Your Essentials

On the right side of this page, you see the entire Prep Course Outline. It may look like a lot. We are going to get you the ESSENTIALS, listed right here on this page, in just a moment. In fact, you can see GOLD STARS by each of the Essentials sections.

What you will discover is that Juice Feasting is scalable, both in terms of how long you can Feast, and the number of Practices, Superfoods and Supplements, and complexities of Juices you can integrate into your Feast.

Let’s look at the Juice Feasting Essentials – what you absolutely need to know and have to start a Juice Feast. After you have reviewed the Juice Feasting Essentials, enjoy the rest of the Juice Feasting Prep Course – there are a lot of valuable insights, interviews, and points of guidance for you.

Juice Feasting Essentials

First, What is Juice Feasting?

Check out the What is Juice Feasting? page to get oriented to the significance and highlights of this Life Practice.

NOW, you are going to be making some juice! A fair amount of juice, actually. For decades, people fasted on water or small amounts of juice, and anyone doing this had to stay at home or go to a clinic. But Juice Feasting is designed with your daily life – and those in it – in mind.

You will be juicing about 12-15 pounds (6-8kg) of produce each day on the Feast to make your 3-5 daily quarts (or litres), so you are going to a machine to make that juice. There are several machines and methods to do it – and you want to be prepared. Here are your pages to review and take action on:

Juicer/Juicing Options

Making Beautiful Juices

If you have never made Green Vegetable Juice before, you will want to get into that as soon as possible. If you are a veteran juicer, determine now how you are going to dial-up your Juices this round… more garlic or ginger… cayenne or burdock root?

Bath and Body Essentials (Second-half of the page)

Everyone will be doing daily morning skin brushing, oil pulling, an enema, tongue scraping, and contrast showers during the Feast. Once you get the hang of your morning practices, you will find them easy, sometimes humorous, and it will dramatically impact your cleanse for the better. Here are today’s Essentials pages:

Let’s put it this way: 10 years of coaching experience has proven that weight loss is doubled by doing morning enemas as opposed to not doing them. This also means a better experience in how you feel through and through.

If you do not have these Essentials for your morning Juice Feasting routine, please get them at your drug store / health food store ASAP.

A Day in the Life of a Juice Feaster

This section is absolutely essential reading!!! It is the section we review before every Juice Feast!

Every day is a new adventure on a Juice Feast. What do the nuts and bolts of a Day of Juice Feasting look like, and how can I keep track?

This is the subject of the day. The Juice Feasting Prep Course has designed into it these pages to keep you on track and organized:

Keeping Track

Pay particular attention to the Keeping Track page and the “Daily Quick Journal” file. Print out copies for the Days you will be Juice Feasting. This chart was created by David Rainoshek based on over 600 total days of Juice Feasting to be easy to use and review in retrospect down the road.

You will be very glad you jotted down a few notes and experiences.

The Juice Feasting Green Room

If you become a Member of the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program, you have full access to the forums. Please stop by and introduce yourself. The Green Room is for community support throughout your Juice Feast – and beyond – to discuss the Day’s topics, share experiences, ask questions, and post important information.

Once you become a Member, we will send you your login details for the Juice Feasting Green Room!

That is it for the Essentials to the Juice Feasting Prep Course! Have a look around, and enjoy the benefits of accessing one of the most significant Life Practices you will ever integrate into your life.

Thank you for joining us. We are so pleased you are here as an Act of Love, Courage, Perseverance, and Conscious Living.

Most Sincerely,

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David and Katrina Rainoshek (with Alexander and Sophia)

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