Raw Food Works: The Book



by Editor, Diana Store

What now makes up the mainstream understanding of what a raw food diet is has its roots in a century-long history of alternative healing and lifestyle movements, coming from European fasting spas to Californian “Nature Boys”, the Natural Hygiene philosophy, the Living Foods lifestyle developed by Ann Wigmore in the 1960s, to the present-day burgeoning Raw culture, with an abundance of high-quality resources, including books, superfoods, retreats, festivals, films, and restaurants, all with a focus on a Raw and Living Foods Diet and Lifestyle.

As a growing number of people have become interested in this diet and lifestyle in recent years, it was found that the teachings being disseminated from the disparate corners of this still-young movement did not always correspond with each other. A lack of consensus among teachers often created confusion for individuals seeking to get onto the best dietary path and claim the promised benefits. The differences of opinion became so incredibly obvious at one international gathering (The Fresh Network Festival, UK, 2004), it was decided that the leading raw food teachers would come together and discuss, from a scientific basis, what the main and essential points of a nutritionally sound raw-food approach to diet should be.

The first International Living Foods Summit took place in January 2006 at West Palm Beach, Florida, attended by 25 teachers from eight different countries, with a combined personal experience of over 434 years following a vegan or raw-food lifestyle. This meeting and a second Summit the following year produced a Statement of the key principles for an Optimum Diet for Health and Longevity. This Statement represents a consensus of agreement between all the teachers who participated in creating it.

The aim of Raw Food Works is to offer a more elaborate explanation of all the points covered, to present the different facets of a successful raw-food diet in a balanced way, and to present via a collective effort a state-of-the-art document about what WORKS.

 Part 1: The Optimal Diet for Health and Longevity

  1. Vegan 2.0 – [email protected]
    David Rainoshek M.A.
  2. Organics For Life
    Cherie Soria
  3. Enzymes
    Viktoras Kulvinskas MS
  4. The Principle Of 80% Raw
    Brian Clement PhD, NMD, LNC
  5. Deep Food – Accessing Nutrient Density From The Ground Up
    David Rainoshek MA and Katrina Rainoshek
  6. God Sleeps In Stone: The Power Of Minerals To Improve Health
    David Wolfe
  7. High Water Content Foods And The Necessity For Proper Hydration
  8. The Value Of Raw Vegetable Juices
    Rev. George Malkmus
  9. Chlorophyll Rich Green Foods In Three Parts
    1. The Miracle Powers Of Chlorophyll
      Victoria Boutenko
    2. The Healing Power Of Wheatgrass
      Jill Swyers
    3. Primordial All Organic AFA
      Michael Saiber and Tamera Campbell
  10. The Importance Of Essential Fatty Acids
    Rick Dina DC
  11. The Key Of Low Sugar Consumption
    Brian Clement PhD, NMD, LNC
  12. The Body’s Need For Adequate Salt
    Jameth Sheridan ND
  13. Enlightened Eating With Calorie Prudence
    David Rainoshek MA
  14. Detoxification And Healing
    Brenda Cobb
  15. Superfoods And Supplements
    Jameth Sheridan ND
  16. The Importance Of Vitamin B12
    Gabriel Cousens MD, MD(H) and Brian Clement PhD, NMD, LNC
  17. Dark Field Microscopy
    Anna Maria Clement PhD, NMD, LNC
  18. How To Make The Change Easily, Joyfully And Successfully
    Karen Knowler
  19. Its Not Just What You Eat – Lifestyle And Beyond
    Jameth Sheridan ND

Part 2: The Principles in Practice

  1. Healing Diabetes Requires A Shift In Consciousness
    Gabriel Cousens MD, MD(H)
  2. Afterword. Getting On Track And Staying On Track
    Walter Urban PhD
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